BOB LIND Perspective
A film by Paul Surratt

Four years in the making!

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Paul Surratt has just completed a 93-minute concert/documentary DVD featuring Bob Lind singing 13 of his hard-hitting songs plus candid interview footage that sheds light on Lind’s battles with the music industry, his resistance to the “oldies” circuit and how the elements of his life form themselves into his work.

Some of the previously unreleased songs feature a little-known, jazzier aspect of Bob's composition. And many are performed with a fantastic band, sparked by veteran rocker Jamie Hoover (of Spongetones fame).
  1. Roll the Windows Down (with band)
  2. Cheryl's Going Home (with band)
  3. Spilling Over (with band)
  4. How to Get Depressed (with band)
  5. I Like Your Company Tonight (with band)
  6. Love Came Riding (solo acoustic)
  7. Looking For You (solo acoustic)
  8. Two Women (with band)
  9. China (with band)
  10. Wearing You (solo acoustic)
  11. Perspective (solo acoustic)
  12. Elusive Butterfly (with band)
  13. Someone to Adore (solo acoustic)

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Sneak Peek: "Spilling Over":
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