Lyrics to New Year's Carol

“New Year's Carol”

Words and music by Bob Lind

Xmas on the television, we’ve seen this before.
They whip up all that sentiment
to get you in the stores.
And they show you perfect families who
don’t act at all like yours.
And they tell you: “You can have that dream,
just spend a little more.”

But what if this year we could make it real?
What if we could be the kind of people
who are not afraid to care?
Who stop to help a stranger tighten lug nuts
on the spare.
Who know the only things we truly own
are things we dare to share?
We could make the lies come true.
What a new year we could walk into.

Candy canes and snowmen look corny on the door.
And Rudolph on the Muzak doesn’t cut it anymore.
Busy in the traffic; and we’re busy in our homes.
We’re busy hanging tinsel to forget that we’re alone.

But what if this year we could slow it down?
What if we could know beyond a doubt there’s really no such thing as time?
And no one has to scramble to fit the grand design.
And stretch our love from hand to hand in a never ending line.
We could make the old dreams new.
What a new year we could walk into.

The bogus pine trees that will never wilt,
Expensive presents that are charged to guilt,
The blinding rush to Christmas day,
Nobody planned it out this way.

But what if this year we could ride that sleigh?
And leave ourselves like packages at every gate and door,
For the ones we like and those we don’t and those we’ve just ignored,
For those who pray for peace and those condemned to fight the wars
For everyone whose dignity lies shattered on the floor?
Maybe Bethlehem is me and you.
What a new year we could walk into.

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