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Something Worse Than Loneliness


  1. Something Worse Than Loneliness
  2. Roll the Windows Down
  3. This Day Without You
  4. Terry’s Song (Just Right)
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. How Can You Go
  7. My Satellite
  8. Back to Me in Memphis
  9. You Look Just Like a Girl Again
  10. Wrong Again
  11. The Fading Man
  12. Born For This

Available now at: Ace Records

“Something Worse Than Loneliness” is Bob Lind’s third album of new material in the past decade, following 2012’s “Finding You Again” and 2016’s “Magellan Was Wrong”. Both of those records served to reintroduce many of us to Lind. We remembered him from his smash 1966 folk-rock hit ‘Elusive Butterfly’ and oft-covered classics such as ‘Cheryl’s Goin’ Home’, but what we discovered was that his new work was just as potent – even more so, perhaps – as those earlier releases.

“Something Worse Than Loneliness” takes Lind to the next level, at a time when most of his contemporaries have long ago lost their mojo. From the title track, through such gems as ‘Terry’s Song (Just Right)’, ‘My Satellite’ and the album-closing ‘Born For This’, which, says Lind, “expresses why a 79 year-old guy keeps putting it out there”, this new collection is a gift that gives more with each new listening. In ‘Leave Me Alone’, an entire life is encapsulated into just a few short minutes. Or how about ‘Back To Me In Memphis’, with its vivid references to the historic city’s landmarks and heroic people, all within a mini-tale so personal and vibrant you might forget you’re not standing on Beale Street as you listen. The album’s one cover song, Danny O’Keefe’s ‘You Look Just Like A Girl Again’, is so tender and open you’ll want to give it a big hug. Really, you can take your pick – there isn’t a song here that doesn’t hit you where you live.

Of course, Lind is quick to acknowledge, he didn’t make this music by himself. The album was produced and arranged by Jamie Hoover, who you may already know as the prime mover behind the Spongetones, a great pop-rock band from North Carolina. Hoover, who also provides much of the instrumentation on the album and the back-up vocals (along with Elena Rogers), save for George Wurzbach’s spellbinding keyboards, seems to know instinctively just how to frame Lind’s evocative language, to bring out its lustre and inherent wisdom. There’s a familiarity to these songs – they instantly feel as if you’ve known them all your life – yet there is nothing retro about them. You’ll welcome them into your life like a new best friend.

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Since There Were Circles – Vinyl Reissue

This is Lind’s 1971 “buried treasure” album, re-released on vinyl at last.

Produced by Doug Weston, arranged by Jimmy Bond, with a band that included Gene Clark of The Byrds, Doug Dillard of The Dillards, Carol Kaye, and Bernie Leadon.

Available now at Deep Focus Records, or in stores September 22, 2017.


Magellan Was Wrong

Magellan Was Wrong album cover

Available at:


  1. I Don’t Know How (to Love You)
  2. You Are Home
  3. Never Even There
  4. Magellan Was Wrong
  5. I Turn to You
  6. Bottle of Wine
  7. My Friend
  8. From the Road
  9. You, Lola, You!
  10. The Outsider’s Dream
  11. Blind Love
  12. A Break in the Rain

(Read the lyrics here.)

The highly anticipated follow-up to Bob Lind’s critically acclaimed 2012 masterpiece FINDING YOU AGAIN (CDWIKD 307) proves once more that time has not diminished the legendary singer/songwriter’s brilliance.

Fifty years after his mega-hit “Elusive Butterfly” topped the charts, Lind continues to hone and reshape his artistry. MAGELLAN is a testament to his evolution — his fearlessness to move into new musical forms without ever losing the unique “voice” and style that has always characterized his work.

From the rocking, cry-from-the-guts opener, “I Don’t Know How to Love You,” to the stunningly beautiful, symphonic closing piece, “A Break in the Rain” (built on an a-rhythmic classical motif, unlike anything else written or recorded by Lind – or anyone else for that matter), these songs demonstrate astonishing melodic variation. Within these contrasting bookends are the jazz-flavored cautionary tale, “Never Even There;” the heartbreaking “The Outsider’s Dream;” the touching declaration of love, “I Turn to You;” the shameless cry for forgiveness, “My Friend;” the lusty, rollicking paean to new romance, “You, Lola, You!” and other equally varied, daringly honest anthems to the joy and pain of living life with eyes open — without hedging the truth.

Four producers grace this album: the inimitable Jamie Hoover, Miami wild man Frank “Rat” Falestra, jazz master Greg Foat and Lind himself – each taking on the song(s) best-suited to his skills. Every song is different, but each one bears the unmistakable Lind stamp. There’s even a rare cover included, revealing Lind’s musical roots: a surprising take on the well-known folk song “Bottle of Wine” that shows the Tom Paxton classic in a brand-new light. Yes. Lind’s lyrics are as romantic and imaginative as those of any songwriter alive. But unlike the work of many of his troubadour-poet contemporaries, Lind’s work is more than just literary and sharply constructed. It’s highly listenable! Delivered with that ageless voice — as strong and expressive as ever — this music reaches the heart every bit as much as it reaches the mind.

The liner notes are by music icons on both sides of the Pond: British singer/songwriter and national treasure Richard Hawley and the legendary Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer Dion. They speak volumes about Lind’s powerful effect on people who know how to create musical magic. Every song on MAGELLAN WAS WRONG makes you remember why you love Bob Lind’s music so much.

— Judith Pearl, Rock Critic
(promotional item from the ACE Records web site)

Finding You Again


  1. How Dare You Love Me
  2. Maybe It’s the Rain
  3. Exeter (The Wedding Waltz)
  4. Finding You Again
  5. Somebody’s Angel
  6. The Thunder of Goodbye
  7. The Gravity of the World
  8. Somewhere in this City
  9. How the Nights Can Fly
  10. May
  11. Someone to Adore
  12. Let It Go
  13. Perspective

(Read the lyrics here.)

Available now at:

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BOB LIND Perspective

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A film by Paul Surratt

The long-awaited documentary/concert DVD on Bob Lind is now finished and on sale. It features
Bob singing 13 of his powerful songs and includes revealing interview footage that provides
unique insight into the mind that created such classics as “Elusive Butterfly,” “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” and “Perspective.”

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East of the Holyland

Bob Lind’s novel is available at Lulu.com.

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and to read reviews of the book.

BOB LIND Live at the Luna Star Cafe


  1. Elusive Butterfly
  2. How the Nights Can Fly
  3. I Love to Sing
  4. Looking For You
  5. Love the Way You Lie
  6. May
  7. Mr. Zero
  8. Sophia’s Lullaby
  9. Spilling Over
  10. The Laughing Song
  11. Theme From the Music Box
  12. Two Women
  13. Wearing You

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Classic Bob Lind Albums

Still for sale wherever fine music is sold, such as:

Elusive Butterfly: The Complete Jack Nitzsche Sessions, available on Amazon.

Since There Were Circles, available from RPM Records.