photo by Henry Diltz

Bob’s long-awaited new CD FINDING YOU AGAIN, produced by Jamie Hoover, is out and available at all major outlets, in the US AND in Europe.

It’s his best work ever!

Here’s how to order.

And… here are some of his songs posted onto YouTube by faithful fans.

This is by no means Bob’s best song, but it’s the one most people know him for:

“Elusive Butterfly”

Here are two tracks from his latest album, Finding You Again.

“How Dare You Love Me?”


“Maybe It’s the Rain”:

Here’s a rare example of Bob singing something he did NOT write:

Tom Paxton’s “Bottle of Wine,” at McCabe’s, May 25, 2012

These four cuts are from the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary/concert DVD BOB LIND: Perspective:

“Looking for You”

“Spilling Over”

“Wearing You”

“Cheryl’s Goin’ Home”

These two songs are from Bob’s classic 1971 album

“Anymore” and “City Scenes”

Two versions of “I Love to Sing:”

First, Hoyt Axton’s:

And the Deeply Felt Puppet Theatre’s:

….And some covers of “Elusive Butterfly”

Petula Clark

Glen Campbell


The Four Tops

Dolly Parton

Bonus Demos


SONG FILES (left-click to play; right-click to download)




A special holiday greeting card from Lind to the messageboard members:


Track Listings

Elusive Butterfly
The Complete 1966 Jack Nitzsche Sessions

  1. Elusive Butterlfy
  2. Mister Zero
  3. You Should Have Seen It
  4. Counting
  5. Drifter’s Sunrise
  6. Unlock the Door
  7. Truly Julie’s Blues (I’ll Be There)
  8. Dale Anne
  9. The World Is Just A “B” Movie
  10. Cheryl’s Goin’ Home
  11. It Wasn’t Just The Morning
  12. I Can’t Walk Roads Of Anger
  13. Go Ask Your Man
  14. Oh Babe Take Me Home
  15. West Virginia Summer’s Child
  16. Eleanor
  17. San Francisco Woman
  18. The World Is Just A “B” Movie Meets Reno, Funtown, USA
  19. A Nameless Request
  20. Remember the Rain
  21. I Just Let It Take Me
  22. We’ve Never Spoken
  23. I Can’t Walk Roads Of Anger (Alt Version)
  24. Whose Is The Funeral (Demo)
  25. Bring It On Down (Demo)

Since There Were Circles

  1. City Scenes
  2. I Love To Sing / Sweet Harriet
  3. Loser
  4. Love Came Riding
  5. Not That I would Want Her Back
  6. She Can Get Along
  7. Since There Were Circles
  8. Spilling Over
  9. Theme From The Music Box
  10. Up In The Morning Me
  11. Bonus tracks:

  12. I Found You
  13. Marlene
  14. San Francisco Woman
  15. Colorado Line
  16. We Are Children Still


Live at the Luna Star Cafe

  1. Elusive Butterfly
  2. How the Nights Can Fly
  3. I Love to Sing
  4. Looking For You
  5. Love the Way You Lie
  6. May
  7. Mr. Zero
  8. Sophia’s Lullaby
  9. Spilling Over
  10. The Laughing Song
  11. Theme From the Music Box
  12. Two Women
  13. Wearing You