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Here’s what concert promoters, booking managers and club owners say about Bob Lind’s appearances at their venues:

“As powerful an experience as I’ve ever seen a man alone with a guitar deliver in all my years owning the Luminaire!
He got three encores and no one’s ever had more than one – and we have three bands a night, seven nights a week.…I adored the show and am in total amazement of Bob’s voice. I think he has the best voice of anyone to ever play at the club….I could listen to it all night.”

— John Donnelly, owner of the Luminaire in London, England.

“From the moment he got onstage and started scat-singing, Bob Lind captured the audience at the Knockout. And he held them captive for nearly an hour with beautiful renditions of old hits as well as wonderful new material peppering his set with whimsical anecdotes and a tongue-in-cheek self-aggrandizing banter. Accompanied by nothing but his acoustic guitar, his voice seems to have gained maturity since the 60s. . . Before he was done, several members of the audience were choked up, myself included. If necessary, you should travel far and wide to see this man sing!”

— Neil Martinson, promoter: Lind’s concert at the Knockout Room in San Francisco.

“Poetic. Melodic. Such an enjoyable night!  We can’t wait to get him back here.”

— Paul Finnican, owner Sylvia Theater, York, S.C.

“He took us places I’ve never been. He’s a unique performer, there’s nobody like him.”

— Graham Anderson, Co-Director, Main Programmer, Jumpin Hot Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

“Bob is the ultimate professional. Not only was his performance top-notch from beginning to end, but his new songs are as good and as vibrant as the old ones… He had the ability to communicate with a mostly non-English speaking audience, and get the message through. And that’s because his music speaks directly to the heart. A rare virtue owned by the truly great ones, and Bob is surely one of them.”

–Inaki Orbezua, promoter of Bob’s concert at Colegio de Abogados in Bilbao, Spain.

“The aura and sheer vibrancy of the show made it incredibly exciting. I always love producing shows that have passion on both ends. I could feel it from the listeners and from the pure emotion of Bob’s music.”

— Genevieve Binder, Concert Director Swallow Hill, Denver, CO. (On Bob’s sold-out show.)

“A great show! There was a dedicated audience and he received a strong standing ovation.”

— Lincoln Myerson, booking manager of McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA.

“Bob Lind’s set at our festival [End of the Road] was spellbinding and absolutely amazing, and when he played ‘Elusive Butterfly’ accompanied by Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker, it even moved people to tears.”

— Sofia Hagberg, Promoter: End of the Road Festival, UK.

“Bob Lind is the real thing — a legend who can do legendary things on stage. . . . He cuts a commanding figure on stage and his wry wit and stories
amuse the audiences. The list of his songs that have been recorded by other “greats” in
the business is phenomenal. Other artists would be satisfied with only one or two remarkable tunes. Bob Lind has written dozens and he can sell every
one of them.”

— Bob Stane, owner and manager of The Ice House and The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

“I was so impressed. He has an amazing voice, strong and powerful.”

— Patrick Cunningham, Director of Exeter Phoenix in Exeter, England.

“Bob is a tremendous performer. He is a phenomenal musician and singer. His performances are amazing.
It’s beautiful to be able to have a legend with such history at my club. I am honored to feature such a great talent.”

— Alexis Sanfield, owner of Luna Star Café.

“. . . . a great turnout. Bob held the (mostly young) audience rapt through a lengthy set. I saw several celebrites amongst the crowd, namely Meg White
of The White Stripes and off-beat comedian Neil Hamburger. They laughed at his jokes and really listened to the songs and their
words. . . . For weeks afterward people were thanking me for putting on the gig, telling me how great a time they had and how impressed they were by Bob’s
level of musicianship. It was refreshing for a lot of these folks to see real finger-picking for once.” 

— Ian Marshall, promoter of Lind’s LITTLE PEDRO’S show in Los Angeles.

“An amazing performer and a delight to work with.”

— Ron Colone, Producer of TALES FROM THE TAVERN concert series.

“The show was everything I could have hoped for. He is an incredibly engaging performer. I’m so glad he’s touring again. Looking forward to
having him back here soon.”

–Scott Cullen, President and Artistic Director of Concerts at the Crossing.

“His concert here was magnificent. He seems to put our hopes and dreams into his music. His melodies are beautiful and his lyrics touch us deeply. We
want him back again and again.”

— Dr. Barbara Lunde, director of Boca Raton Science of Mind Center.

“The finest performer – totally captivating, draws you into his songs and leaves you emotionally drained. Truly sincere and a truly splendid chap, to boot!”

–Paul Adsett, Music Promoter, on Bob’s show at the Hanbury in Brighton, England.

“Bob Lind is a genuine poet, storyteller and performer.  His new songs are as achingly beautiful as his early ballads and his voice is unquestionably
as strong and expressive as ever.  He’ll break your heart one minute and make you laugh the next.  He is the real deal.  Please don’t miss any chance to
see him play – he may change your life.”

— Todd Bruder, Manager, HUGH’S ROOM in Toronto, Canada.

E-mail: BobLindSongs@gmail.com
Jill Guerra: Jpguerra@aol.com